Helping to resolve conflicts and manage transitions


Mediation: Creating a safe environment that equalizes the power of the parties, mediation encourages truth and allows both sides to win. Mediators do not judge or determine the outcome, rather we explore the reasons, underlying interests and issues that are preventing solutions. When disputes are resolved using this proven win win approach, innovative outcomes emerge and individual integrity is maintained. The process includes separately interviewing the participants to prepare for an open discussion and effective brainstorming and problem solving.

Facilitation: Leading retreats, planning meetings and team-building sessions for boards, staff, or within and between departments to establish open and honest communication and promote creative problem solving. By applying techniques to unleash creativity, achieve collaboration and effective feedback, organizations and individuals collaborate to develop action plans that increase accountability and include shared commitments to successful outcomes.

Coaching: One on one or small team coaching strengthens leadership, communication and problem solving skills for individuals leading organizations, transitioning between careers and organizations or launching as entrepreneurs. In highly competitive environments, reflection and insight are necessary to expand our abilities beyond familiar strategies and habits. With clearly identified goals, skill building and timely feedback individuals are able to apply their unique talents and increase their contribution to their organizations often achieving more satisfying lives. For those executives who are redefining their careers, these sessions often reveal new avenues for professional and personal accomplishments.

Training: Design and deliver comprehensive training programs to effectively resolve conflicts and improve interpersonal, interdepartmental and inter-organizational communication. This process may include a conflict audit and assessment, design of internal systems for resolving disputes, training employees in conflict management skills and providing facilitation and mediation services as needed.